hello everybody – my name is lindsay Meacham.

Lindsay knew she wanted to work with clay since her hands fist squeezed a ball of play dough. Growing up in a family of architects her childhood was a constant remodel. While other kids were playing “house” Lindsay was dreaming of “house building” and could be found cutting out photos from her mother’s design and architectural magazines. After a childhood dedicated to the arts, she chose to study ceramics and anthropology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio with a strong focus in tilemaking. After school Lindsay became production manager at Newsome Ceramic Tile Design and in 2006 collaborated with Susan and Howard Meacham to found Red Rock Tileworks. She is heavily involved in the tilemaking process and can be found elbows deep in the clay or communicating with customers in the office.

When Lindsay isn’t overseeing production you can find her running around town with her dog Roscoe or exploring Nashville’s music scene. Lindsay loves to ski, canoe, and dance.

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